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Indoor Air Quality is Not a Myth

 In the industrialized world we live in today, it is no wonder much of the outside pollutants seep inside. In an industrial or commercial setting, this is even more so, as much of the work performed causes its own toxic and dirty air pollution. That’s right… the air inside many industrial facilities could be making employees sick. Warehouses have a lot of nasty dust particles constantly floating in the air, assembly plants may have any number of toxic fumes in the air from welding materials to epoxy glues and more. Using big industrial exhaust fans can help, but here is another solution as well – The AWS Airclean HP High Performance Industrial Air Filtration System.

Air and Water Systems knows the value and necessity of creating and maintaining the cleanest workspace for all employees. Therefore, they have only the best industrial Air Filtration System. Your employees will notice they can breathe easier with the triple filter Airclean HP on the job along with the big industrial exhaust fans as added back up. There has been much research that our immediate environments can us sick and there are laws in the works – and some even on the books as far as what is acceptable working conditions and indoor air quality. Be sure your staff stays healthy and you stay ahead of any new regulations.




Air and Water Systems – Odormist System

Air and Water Systems specializes in industrial humidification and evaporating cooling equipment specially designed to fit your heavy duty, high-powered needs that will never let you down. Work with nothing but the best in the commercial industry and trust in products that have a proven track record. When it comes to making an investment in your high velocity systems, rest easy because these long-lasting retrofit high pressure mist systems will take care of you and your business‘s needs to the fullest extent possible.

The NO LEAK – NO DRIP equipment means never having to worry about system failures. This Odormist System’s long-lasting equipment may just save you thousands with their reliable, user-friendly operational features. The Dustmist fan includes adjustable vertical and horizontal angle misting. These high pressure mist systems accelerate air evaporation with very high velocity CFM air that quickens the evaporation of one thousand PSI atomized water. This means complete and utter evaporation benefits. All moisture evaporated in twelve-inch to fourteen-inch plume above waste pile or odor protection areas. All this equipment is completely installer friendly with flexible high-pressure hose and slip- lock fittings. Less means more! Less water means better coverage.

Smaller water particles means less product required with this new and improved longer throw industrial humidification system. That equals better control over odor. No fallout with from the system means complete evaporation for you. The Odormist System has less initial capital outlay and lower operating costs than the competition. In addition, the Odormist creates the ultimate cleaner, healthier and safer environment for your company.

Think Air and Water Systems for your Industrial Humidification Needs

Air and Water Systems offers top quality industrial humidification systems. You will be pleased with their quality, options, and features. They guarantee their commercial humidification equipment will be everything your company needs. Size doesn’t matter because their products can work for smaller and larger factories and commercial buildings.

The ArticBlast Dual Function Humidifiers will cool down a hot room of over 8000 square feet. The humidifiers are easy to change and move for your convenience. They have a pump control station that will maintain humidity automatically for any time of year. A high pressure mist system can cool down areas that are open with lots of employees. This dual purpose makes the system a popular option.

ArticBlast Industrial High Pressure Humidification System is another great product to have. It consists of three speed misting fans and a sheering effect that reduces moisture in the air. These are just a couple of the great commercial humidification systems Air and Water System offers for keeping the temperature under control. The high pressure mist system paired with one of the larger humidification systems will be all you need to stay cool no matter the time of year.

Keep Cool Inside and Out With Portable Misting Fans

Portable high pressure misting fans, like the Mobileblast brand name found at Air and Water Systems allow you to position a cooling high pressure mist fan near the area that you want it. You can target specific areas that need to be cooled down. The high-pressure mist, combined with a high velocity fan is an effective way to lower the temperature in an industrial area.

The Mobileblast portable high pressure misting fan is equipped with air-inflated industrial wheels that allow you to move it easily wherever you want to position it. The Mobileblast has a 30-gallon tank, which provides up to five hours of high pressure mist without having to refill it. You can also hook it up to a garden hose for continuous use without having to refill it.

A high pressure misting fan like the Mobileblast brings downs the temperature of the area up to 20 degrees with the use of high-quality nozzles and misting rings. It can also be used outside for a cooler outside work environment. Air and Water Systems has many portable high pressure misting fans and other types of portable cooling solutions for the industrial environment.

Choosing the Right High Pressure Misting Fan System for You

High pressure misting fans are imperative for a number of uses. Your particular application, though, will determine which of them is the best choice for you. In order to make the right choice, you need to know which high pressure misting fan are designed for which application.

Dust reduction is a key function off these types of high pressure misting fans. If your shop is also going to be involved in products that have a high level of odor, you will want to consider a combination system that offers both dust control and odor control. This streamlined approach means you only need to have one system installed and maintained, potentially saving you time and money.

Another type of system that offers a combination of two common functions in one, streamlined unit is a dual function summer cooling and winter dehumidifcation system. Designed to deliver  high velocity, this high pressure misting fan ensures an ample amount of coverage for those large industrial spaces that can sometimes be difficult to cover. Such systems are able to provide a robust amount of coverage for warehouses that are more than 8000 square feet and that have at least 12 foot high ceilings. In addition, these systems are user friendly and can be easily installed and changed to suit your needs.


Keeping the Air Quality Safe in the Work Place with Industrial Exhaust Fans

An industrial exhaust fan, such as those found at Air and Water Systems are often used in a wide variety of commercial applications. Our intake and exhaust fans can be used anywhere that workers are exposed to potentially hazardous or uncomfortable work environments.

One such exhaust solution is the Typhoon Wall Exhaust Fan found at Air and Water Systems  offers a quiet operation and will effectively remove potentially toxic fumes from the air with a galvanized deep cone that reduces backpressure and boosts performance. This industrial exhaust fan is equipped with a built in automatic thermal overload protection to keep the system safe. The Typhoon Wall Exhaust Fan also boats a lifetime warranty on the cast aluminum blades, and a full three-year warranty on the entire system.

Whenever an industrial setting may have flammable vapors or the possibility of airborne chemicals in the work environment, you need to use an exhaust fan to clear the area. Industrial ventilation is an important feature in industries that may have welding fumes, oil mists or hazardous vapors that need to be removed and replaced with clean air. The proper industrial ventilation system will ensure that both workers and inventory are safe and the air is clean.

Low Ceilings Pose No Challenge for the Wall Mister

If your business type relies on humidification control, then you can understand how important maintaining a constant moisture in the environment can be. The quality of your product and success of your business depends on the quality of the industrial humidification system you purchase. At Air and Water Systems, we understand how important the quality of your environment is to your company.

Humidification control is necessary for businesses such as electronics and microchip fabrication being a couple of them. In a dry environment, static electricity can build up, causing a dangerous environment and affecting the product. If your business has a low ceiling, what can you do about installing an industrial humidifier? You can purchase our WallMister to meet your humidification needs. Several WallMisters placed around the room will ensure constant and proper humidity is maintained, thus providing an efficient working environment. The WallMister can also be used in other industries that need to maintain a constant humidity level, such as wine cellars, printing presses, and even green houses.

At Air and Water Systems, we specialize in industrial humidification and evaporative cooling equipment. We take our customers’ needs seriously and back our claims with a guarantee. Visit Air and Water Systems for all of your industrial humidification and cooling needs.

Use Industrial Polychiller Fan System for Industrial Cooling and Dust Reduction

 The Arcticblast Industrial Polychiller industrial fan system is an effective industrial cooling system that is helpful in a few situations. This powerful multi-task system, along with other types of industrial cooling, can be found at Air and Water Systems.

The Arcticblast Industrial Polychiller Fan System cools down both a general area or spot cools one smaller specific area. It comes with built in flexibility, which allows for easy equipment changes and offers ease of movement when you need to relocate to future plant areas. When used indoors, the Polychiller Fan System will cool down an area up to 20 degrees, offering a more comfortable working condition for employees. The system is easy to install with flexible high-pressure hose and Slip-Lok fittings. This industrial cooling system also offers an effective way to reduce the dust in the air. Studies have shown that using a large industrial fan system such as the Polychiller can reduce the dust particles in the area up to 35 percent.

Air and Water Systems offers a wide range of industrial cooling systems and industrial fan systems to choose from. Whenever you need to cool down a large area and reduce dust in the process, consider using a cooling system or big air fan from Air and Water Systems.

Keep Cool with the MicroMister Industrial High Pressure Humidity Control System

The MicroMister Industrial High Pressure Humidity Control System, found at Air and Water Systems, consists of 360 degree horizontal misting fans that can be installed on ceilings that are as low as 8-feet high. These high-quality misting fans provide a cool environment to anyone in the area.

High Pressure Misting, also known as fogging, has been used for ages as a effective way to provide relief from heat and cool down large rooms, or even outdoor areas. These can be used in both dry environments, and are surprisingly effective in areas that usually have high humidity, such as the southeastern states in the US. This may seem counter-intuitive, but many companies in that area are using the MicroMister Industrial High Pressure Humidity Control System to provide a cooling environment in their plants and warehouses. Misting fans are a viable, cost efficient way to cool large areas and keep everyone comfortable without the use of additional equipment, such as large, costly air conditioners.

The MicroMister Industrial High Pressure Humidity Control System found at Air and Water Systems, features 1000 psi atomized water that is evaporated into 2100 cfm velocity air, maintaining a cool relative humidity set point at whatever you wish, such as a comfortable 72 degrees F. No one ever feels “wet” or damp because the mist evaporates before reaching that level. With these misting fans, the mist will completely evaporate before reaching any equipment or workspaces, eliminating the worry that machinery will become affected.






The Advantages of Using a Big Air High Volume Industrial Ceiling Fan in the Winter

 Most of us know that a big air fan, such as those found at Air and Water Systems are a staple in most workspaces. They work well to cool down large areas, providing relief during hot months. However, did you know that you could also use the same industrial ceiling fan to save on your heating costs during the cool winter months?

It is common knowledge that hot air rises, and when you have buildings with high ceilings, in areas such as warehouses and factories, much of the heated air rises to the top of the high ceilings and is lost. This, of course, increases the heating bill. Large industrial fans on the ceiling can push the hot air back down to the floor, reducing your heating costs. The trick to doing this is to turn the direction of the industrial air fan to make it turn in reverse. This pushes the hot air at the ceiling back down to the work areas, keeping everyone warmer. Just remember to reverse it again in the spring to keep the area cool once again.

When you buy an industrial ceiling fan, be sure it can be reversed.  Air and Water Systems sells big air fans that are reversible, making this an important purchase on an item that can both cool you down in the warm months and heat up the work area in the cool winter months.