The Advantages of Using a Big Air High Volume Industrial Ceiling Fan in the Winter

 Most of us know that a big air fan, such as those found at Air and Water Systems are a staple in most workspaces. They work well to cool down large areas, providing relief during hot months. However, did you know that you could also use the same industrial ceiling fan to save on your heating costs during the cool winter months?

It is common knowledge that hot air rises, and when you have buildings with high ceilings, in areas such as warehouses and factories, much of the heated air rises to the top of the high ceilings and is lost. This, of course, increases the heating bill. Large industrial fans on the ceiling can push the hot air back down to the floor, reducing your heating costs. The trick to doing this is to turn the direction of the industrial air fan to make it turn in reverse. This pushes the hot air at the ceiling back down to the work areas, keeping everyone warmer. Just remember to reverse it again in the spring to keep the area cool once again.

When you buy an industrial ceiling fan, be sure it can be reversed.  Air and Water Systems sells big air fans that are reversible, making this an important purchase on an item that can both cool you down in the warm months and heat up the work area in the cool winter months.




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