Low Ceilings Pose No Challenge for the Wall Mister

If your business type relies on humidification control, then you can understand how important maintaining a constant moisture in the environment can be. The quality of your product and success of your business depends on the quality of the industrial humidification system you purchase. At Air and Water Systems, we understand how important the quality of your environment is to your company.

Humidification control is necessary for businesses such as electronics and microchip fabrication being a couple of them. In a dry environment, static electricity can build up, causing a dangerous environment and affecting the product. If your business has a low ceiling, what can you do about installing an industrial humidifier? You can purchase our WallMister to meet your humidification needs. Several WallMisters placed around the room will ensure constant and proper humidity is maintained, thus providing an efficient working environment. The WallMister can also be used in other industries that need to maintain a constant humidity level, such as wine cellars, printing presses, and even green houses.

At Air and Water Systems, we specialize in industrial humidification and evaporative cooling equipment. We take our customers’ needs seriously and back our claims with a guarantee. Visit Air and Water Systems for all of your industrial humidification and cooling needs.

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