Keeping the Air Quality Safe in the Work Place with Industrial Exhaust Fans

An industrial exhaust fan, such as those found at Air and Water Systems are often used in a wide variety of commercial applications. Our intake and exhaust fans can be used anywhere that workers are exposed to potentially hazardous or uncomfortable work environments.

One such exhaust solution is the Typhoon Wall Exhaust Fan found at Air and Water Systems  offers a quiet operation and will effectively remove potentially toxic fumes from the air with a galvanized deep cone that reduces backpressure and boosts performance. This industrial exhaust fan is equipped with a built in automatic thermal overload protection to keep the system safe. The Typhoon Wall Exhaust Fan also boats a lifetime warranty on the cast aluminum blades, and a full three-year warranty on the entire system.

Whenever an industrial setting may have flammable vapors or the possibility of airborne chemicals in the work environment, you need to use an exhaust fan to clear the area. Industrial ventilation is an important feature in industries that may have welding fumes, oil mists or hazardous vapors that need to be removed and replaced with clean air. The proper industrial ventilation system will ensure that both workers and inventory are safe and the air is clean.

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