Choosing the Right High Pressure Misting Fan System for You

High pressure misting fans are imperative for a number of uses. Your particular application, though, will determine which of them is the best choice for you. In order to make the right choice, you need to know which high pressure misting fan are designed for which application.

Dust reduction is a key function off these types of high pressure misting fans. If your shop is also going to be involved in products that have a high level of odor, you will want to consider a combination system that offers both dust control and odor control. This streamlined approach means you only need to have one system installed and maintained, potentially saving you time and money.

Another type of system that offers a combination of two common functions in one, streamlined unit is a dual function summer cooling and winter dehumidifcation system. Designed to deliverĀ  high velocity, this high pressure misting fan ensures an ample amount of coverage for those large industrial spaces that can sometimes be difficult to cover. Such systems are able to provide a robust amount of coverage for warehouses that are more than 8000 square feet and that have at least 12 foot high ceilings. In addition, these systems are user friendly and can be easily installed and changed to suit your needs.


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