Keep Cool Inside and Out With Portable Misting Fans

Portable high pressure misting fans, like the Mobileblast brand name found at Air and Water Systems allow you to position a cooling high pressure mist fan near the area that you want it. You can target specific areas that need to be cooled down. The high-pressure mist, combined with a high velocity fan is an effective way to lower the temperature in an industrial area.

The Mobileblast portable high pressure misting fan is equipped with air-inflated industrial wheels that allow you to move it easily wherever you want to position it. The Mobileblast has a 30-gallon tank, which provides up to five hours of high pressure mist without having to refill it. You can also hook it up to a garden hose for continuous use without having to refill it.

A high pressure misting fan like the Mobileblast brings downs the temperature of the area up to 20 degrees with the use of high-quality nozzles and misting rings. It can also be used outside for a cooler outside work environment. Air and Water Systems has many portable high pressure misting fans and other types of portable cooling solutions for the industrial environment.

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