Air and Water Systems – Odormist System

Air and Water Systems specializes in industrial humidification and evaporating cooling equipment specially designed to fit your heavy duty, high-powered needs that will never let you down. Work with nothing but the best in the commercial industry and trust in products that have a proven track record. When it comes to making an investment in your high velocity systems, rest easy because these long-lasting retrofit high pressure mist systems will take care of you and your business‘s needs to the fullest extent possible.

The NO LEAK – NO DRIP equipment means never having to worry about system failures. This Odormist System’s long-lasting equipment may just save you thousands with their reliable, user-friendly operational features. The Dustmist fan includes adjustable vertical and horizontal angle misting. These high pressure mist systems accelerate air evaporation with very high velocity CFM air that quickens the evaporation of one thousand PSI atomized water. This means complete and utter evaporation benefits. All moisture evaporated in twelve-inch to fourteen-inch plume above waste pile or odor protection areas. All this equipment is completely installer friendly with flexible high-pressure hose and slip- lock fittings. Less means more! Less water means better coverage.

Smaller water particles means less product required with this new and improved longer throw industrial humidification system. That equals better control over odor. No fallout with from the system means complete evaporation for you. The Odormist System has less initial capital outlay and lower operating costs than the competition. In addition, the Odormist creates the ultimate cleaner, healthier and safer environment for your company.

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