Indoor Air Quality is Not a Myth

 In the industrialized world we live in today, it is no wonder much of the outside pollutants seep inside. In an industrial or commercial setting, this is even more so, as much of the work performed causes its own toxic and dirty air pollution. That’s right… the air inside many industrial facilities could be making employees sick. Warehouses have a lot of nasty dust particles constantly floating in the air, assembly plants may have any number of toxic fumes in the air from welding materials to epoxy glues and more. Using big industrial exhaust fans can help, but here is another solution as well – The AWS Airclean HP High Performance Industrial Air Filtration System.

Air and Water Systems knows the value and necessity of creating and maintaining the cleanest workspace for all employees. Therefore, they have only the best industrial Air Filtration System. Your employees will notice they can breathe easier with the triple filter Airclean HP on the job along with the big industrial exhaust fans as added back up. There has been much research that our immediate environments can us sick and there are laws in the works – and some even on the books as far as what is acceptable working conditions and indoor air quality. Be sure your staff stays healthy and you stay ahead of any new regulations.




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