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Air and Water Systems for your Humidification Needs

Air and Water Systems offers the best in industrial humidification systems. You will be pleased with the service, and the quality of equipment. They guarantee their commercial humidification equipment will be everything your company needs. The size is no issue because their products can work for smaller and larger factories as well as commercial buildings.

The ArticBlast Dual Function Humidifiers will cool down a hot room of over 8000 square feet. The humidifiers are easy to change and move for your convenience. They have a pump control station that will maintain humidity automatically for any time of year. A high pressure mist system can cool down areas that are open with lots of employees.

ArticBlast Industrial High Pressure Humidification System is another great product to have. It consists of three speed misting fans and a sheering effect that reduces moisture in the air. These are just a couple of the great commercial humidification systems Air and Water System can install in your building to help keep the temperature under control. The high pressure mist system paired with one of the larger humidification systems will be all you need to stay cool no matter the time of year.

Coolmist Systems and Products

Air and Water Systems is the best place to go for Industrial Humidification and Evaporative Cooling system equipment. The best part of using their products is that they will provide custom service for your specific needs. Therefore, if you need to cool down a large space or a small space you will be all set.

The   system is just one of the great products they offer for the industrial air conditioning industry’s needs. It has a traditional easy to manage stainless steel piping system. You will have no trouble installing them appropriately to keep your building as cool as possible. High-pressure systems work together with the power station to cool off both large and small areas, while sucking the humidity right out of the air. You can feel the difference in a matter of minutes, and they are set up to auto-adjust to any type of weather. Your building will always be the perfect temperature.

You can depend on Air and Water Systems to have the most reliable products for both industrial air conditioning products and the evaporative cooling system products. They all come with a two-year warranty so if anything messes up they will fix it with no cost to you, and this saves you the money you would spend replacing parts if you went with another company. Check out all the products they have to offer today for reliable equipment at a great price.

Only High Quality Equipment

When you are looking for the best industrial cooling system for your building then you should look into Air and Water Systems. Since the cooling of your building is such a huge expense, you want to make sure you are getting the best quality equipment, and they can offer it.

It is guaranteed that their ArticBlast cooling systems and high pressure fans are some of the best in the market. The ArticBlast Polychill is a great product that works with fans and a pressure pump to cool down an area fast. It is a great way to cool down a large area fast and conserve energy while doing so. When you need a large area cooled down, which is going to take some power. All of the ArticBlast products are designed to be easy for you to install, and move if you need to. They are more compact then some industrial cooling systems, which makes them more desirable.

One of the great things about the ArticBlast line is the portable cooling systems they offer. high pressure fans can be easily moved and feature robust air movement to cool an area down quickly.  It consists of a pump station, ceramic inserts and misting rings. This simple portable cooling system works well if you need to move around a bit. The ArticBlast line items have a two year warranty so you can count on them to last for a long time. Check out Air and Water Systems for your needs today!


Industrial Humidification – Get the Best with Air and Water Systems

If you are looking for the best provider of industrial humidification systems for your business then look no further than Air and Water Systems. They have the most reliable and high quality equipment on the market for companies both large and small.

The Spacemist Industrial High Pressure Humidification System has some great features. It offers a high velocity air system that accelerates evaporation, and a no leak stainless steel nozzle. You can also enjoy built-in flexibility for moving it around and adding more fans. All products like the Spacemist system come with a guarantee that they will not disappoint. The equipment also comes with warranties to make sure if anything goes wrong in the first couple of years you can get it repaired without huge cost.

The ArticBlast Industrial High Pressure Humidification System offers three speed misting high pressure fans, and can cool down large area quickly. This includes up to 8000 square feet of space, and the pump station will change over time to accommodate the level of humidity due to the season. If you are looking for the best in humidification equipment that is reliable at prices you can afford then visit Air and Water Systems to view what they can offer.

Industrial Humidification and Water Pre-treatment

The best place to go for affordable high quality industrial humidification systems is Air and Water Systems. These are necessary to keep your business warehouse, factory, or building cooled down, and if you do not shop at the right place it can cost you a lot of money. Their high pressure fans can easily cool down a large area, and their equipment is modified to adjust to the humidity depending on the time of year. They guarantee their equipment and offer great warranties to back up their claims. If anything goes wrong within the first couple of years, you are covered and they will replace it.

Part of Industrial Humidification is water pre-treatment. The water needs to be softened to ensure that you do not have to replace the part due to water breaking them down. The equipment Air and Water Systems uses to do this have ceramic insert nozzles, which can clean themselves from hard water buildup. The process of softening the water makes sure that all of your equipment is protected. Air and Water Systems offers a carbon filter to remove chlorine, and a Re-pressurization system to circulate water and prevent buildup.

The Best Industrial Cooling Systems and ArticBlast PolyChill

Industrial air cooling is an important part of your business expenses, and Air and Water Systems  provides the best in equipment .

Air and Water Systems can provide you with a quality industrial cooling solution. The features of the ArticBlast PolyChill for example has a two year fan warranty, and operates with a high pressure pump that can be attached to multiple PolyChillers throughout the building. This is an economical and power saving way to cool down the building. It also has built in flexibility so you can easily move the system if you change locations. The high pressure fans are high velocity so they can cool down a large amount of space.

The ArticBlast Cooling System is another product ideal for cooling large spaces. The high pressure fans and pumps are easy to install and move as well. They can be added to already in place industrial air cooling systems, or you can use parts of the system with your high power fans. Check out the Air and Water systems site to see the types of products that can help with all your cooling needs.

Spacemist Fans – Industrial Humidification Systems

Air and Water Systems offers top of the line equipment designed to fit the requirements of large factories and corporations. The industrial humidification systems and products are warrantied and safe guarded to handle even the biggest of factory needs. The commercial humidification equipment will meet and exceed your company’s needs.

You never have to worry with these state of the art advanced systems when it comes to seals with the NO LEAK – NO CLOG equipment guarantee. The Spacemist Industrial High Pressure (1000 PSI) Humidification System long lasting equipment may just save you thousands with their key operational features. This commercial humidification equipment has been designed to make for optimal ease of use, which also includes ease of installation.

SpaceMist Fans are ceiling hung above all equipment, workspace, and daisy chained together by a flexible hose and slip-lock fittings from the pump station. The pump station is plugged into the plug-in sensor, located in the area being humidified. In addition, it is in proximity of a drain to allow a slight pressure release in the hose during cycle off and aggregating ten ceramic insert stainless steel nozzles for easier routine maintenance.

The equipment’s warranty is top of the line with a three-year system warranty except filter, three years pump station, and SpaceMist Fans. Air and Water Systems’ products are perfect for your company, because they are guaranteed. You can trust in the performance or the SpaceMist Fans and all other industrial humidification systems to get the job done and always remain reliable.

Cool Mist Humidifiers Supply Ways for Organizations to Save Money

When you use cool mist humidifiers, you do not have to worry about heating the water in order to release it as steam or vapor. Instead, this type of humidification system relies upon pressurizing the water to create the required water vapor. Because the water does not require any heating, your organization is able to save money, because there is no need for hot water. Other cost savings your company could experience is a reduction in cooling costs during the warmer summer months. By increasing the level of humidity in the air in manufacturing and production environments, the surrounding air temperatures can be reduced without relying upon other kinds of cooling solutions, or your industrial air conditioners.

Organizations Experience Several Benefits by Using Cool Mist Humidifiers

Adding humidity to the air by using cool mist humidifiers provides many benefits for organizations. Humidity helps remove impurities from the air, like dust and pollen, so any allergy sufferers are less likely to have allergy attacks. You also help your employees who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems, as irritants are removed from the air. Air borne illnesses are similarly reduced when humidification systems are in operation. This aspect lowers the spread of illnesses and cuts down on the number of employees getting sick and missing work days. From a production stand-point, humidification is able to help maintain the product quality of your raw materials, reduce waste, eliminate static electricity, and create stable and consistent manufacturing conditions. All of these benefits, combined, create more productive work environments for your business.

Misting Fans Offer Cooling Solutions for Keeping Outdoor Areas Cool

Providing cooling solutions for outdoor locations is possible when you install misting fans. These types of fans are connected to a water supply line or include a refillable water tank. The system also requires pressurization, which is accomplished with a built-in or stand-alone pump. Depending upon the actual setup, it is possible to operate multiple units using a single pump. The fans are able to reduce surrounding air temperature by releasing water vapor into the air. As the water is quickly evaporated, it increases the amount of humidity in the air and lowers temperatures. The amount of cooling achieved does depend upon several factors, including the actual outdoor temperature and the fan model being used.

Several Types of Businesses Use Misting Fans in Outdoor Locations

The types of business operations which rely upon using misting fans outdoors include theme parks, livestock ranches, sports stadiums, and repair garages. Each of these businesses has day-to-day operations where people or animals will be outside for an extended period of time. It is their responsibility to create safe environments, whenever possible, in order to keep people and animals safe. This is especially vital during the hot summer months, where maintaining comfort is important in order to prevent them from becoming overheated. Since cool mist fans are able to help control surrounding air temperatures, it eliminates this aspect for dealing with potential heat exhaustion. Instead, organizations can focus their efforts on ensuring people and animals remain hydrated, and limit their exposure as needed.

A Humidification System Consists of Several Components and Other Equipment

There are several components and pieces of equipment required in order to have a humidification system. First, you need to have a supply of humidifiers, which can be one of several model types. For instance, you might use a cool mist humidifier as part of a fan or as stand-alone nozzles. Next, you need to ensure each of your installed humidifiers is connected to a cold water supply line. You will also need to install humidification sensors in the location so relative humidity (RH) levels are measured. The sensors need to be connected to a control unit and the control unit is connected to the humidifiers. Whenever RH levels drop below the preset level, the control unit turns the humidifiers on and runs them until RH levels are reestablished.

You Need to Know the Necessary RH Levels for Your Humidification System

You need to determine the RH levels necessary for each area of your facility, when installing a humidification system. Establishing RH levels are frequently based upon the type of industry, products being manufactured, and layout and design of the building. It is possible for some organizations to require multiple RH levels in different locations within their facility. For example, a food production operation that both grows food and stores food will require two different RH levels for maintaining quality. In their greenhouse areas — they have to maintain an RH level between 80 and 95 percent. On the other hand, in their cold storage locations, the RH levels only have to be between 70 and 85 percent. In these situations where multiple RH levels are required, you have to install two different control units to operate humidifiers in each location.