Evaporative Cooling Systems

Our Most Popular Industrial Cooling System is hands down is the ARCTICBLAST Plant Cooling System. An evaporative cooling air conditioner is different from the normal air conditioners because it utilizes the enthalpy of vaporization to cool versus vapor-compression.

ARCTICBLAST Evaporative Cooling System

An evaporative cooling fan uses far less energy than typical refrigeration does. Evaporative cooling systems also have the added benefit of conditioning the air in dry climates as well.

ARCTICBLAST PolyChiller Evaporative Cooling Fan

Another popular evaporative air cooling system that we offer is the ARCTICBLAST Industrial Polychiller Fan System. The PolyCHiller is used for Spot Cooling and General Cooling. This unit provides accelerated evaporation due to the extreme high velocity and 1000 PSI of atomized water.