Arctic Mist

Arctic Mist Industrial High Pressure (1000 PSI) Humidification

3 Year Warranty
Performance Guarantee
Made in the USA
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18" Three Speed High Velocity Misting Fans for minimum 5,000 sq. ft. and 12' ceilings Max Speed: 3800 cfm high-velocity air for quick evaporation

Key Features:

  • The "Sheering Effect" of high-velocity air further reduces water particle sizes - accelerating the rate of evaporation
  • High Velocity Air "Sweeps Up" and evaporates out a potential malfunctioning nozzle
  • Aggregating 6 Ceramic Insert Nozzles together makes routine maintenance easier
  • System Flexibility All components are easily moved, repositioned or relocated for plant layout changes


The ArcticMist System automatically maintains relative humidity "set point" by a ± 2% RH zone sensor which cycles on and off the pump control station supplying 1000 psi water to each ArcticMist Fan.

1/2" Stainless Steel Mist Ring: All stainless steel tubing, nozzle body & adaptors w/ six 9.3 lb/hr ceramic insert SS nozzles (55 lbs/hr output of 5-35 microns atomized water per fan); includes stainless steel ball valve & 50 micron in-line filter.

Fan Specifications:

  • 3000 - 3800 cfms
  • 120V 1 ph 1/3 hp 1.4 amps
  • Weight 22 lbs
  • Column, Wall, or Ceiling Mount with bracket
  • Available in 30" diameter
  • Plumbed with Nylon 12 High Pressure 3/8" Tube

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