Cool Mist

Cool Mist Industrial High Pressure (1000 PSI) Humidification System

Cool Mist System Features

  • Traditional Stainless Steel Piping System
  • For Spaces Over 35,000 sq. ft. & minimum 15' Ceiling
  • Individual Nozzles Spaced 2-5' in high Ceiling Area
  • 5-35 Micron Atomization - Fully Evaporating
  • 5-1 Micron 2 Stage Prepump Filtration Water Filtration
  • Robust CAT High Pressure (1000 psi cap) Pump Station
  • Danfoss Stainless Steel Solenoid Valves
  • Ceramic Insert "No-Clog - No-Drip" 9.3 lbs./hr. Nozzles
  • 3 Year Equipment Warranty

Cool Mist Operation: Each zone humidistat sensor automatically controls the on/off cycle of 1000 psi water flow from the pump station to all atomizers in each independent zone - maintaining humidity set point ± 2% RH.

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