Ceramic Insert Stainless Steel High Pressure Nozzles

For all new and existing high pressure humidifications & cooing systems.

Ceramic Nozzles: are long lasting due to the smoothly bored inner surface and all stainless steel construction. The 350 psi spring assembly ensures better wear resistance under constant high pressure with better shut off and much fewer drips - preventing over-spray or incomplete spray upon shut off.

Ceramic Nozzle Features:

  • Ceramic Insert Cap - "No Plug" No Stick Surface
  • Stainless Steel Construction - Nozzles Long-lasting
  • Zero Leak 350 psis Spring - No Nozzle Seepage
  • Anti-Drip Body - Prevents Nozzle Tip Drip
  • Viton Seat & O-rings - Uniform Compression/Wear Resistance
  • 5-45 Micron Atomization - Smaller Particles/Quick Evaporation
  • No Problem Reverse Osmosis or Softened Water
  • Retrofit This Nozzle - Fits Existing High Pressure Systems

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