Odor Mist

DustMist - Odor Mist Odor Control For Waste Transfer System & Recycling Centers & "Stinky Stuff"


  • Barge and Ship Load-Out Facilities
  • "stinky stuff"
  • Hog Farms
  • Poultry Processing
  • Waster Lagoons
  • Waste Transfer Recycling, etc

Key Operational Features

  • Adjustable vertical/horizontal angle misting
  • Accelerated Evaporation: Very high velocity cfm air accelerates the evaporation of 1000 psi atomized water
  • Complete Evaporation: all moisture evaporated in 12" to 14" plume above waste pile or odor production area
  • "Installer Friendly" flexible high-pressure hose & Slip-Lok fittings

Less water = Better Coverage

  • Smaller water particles - less product required
  • Longer throw means better control over odor
  • No fallout. Complete evaporation.
  • The OdorMist System has less initial capital outlay and lower operating costs than our competition.

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