Flexible 3/8" Tube w/ Slip-Lok Fittings

Add Enhanced Function to Existing Humidification & Cooling Systems

Flexible 3/8” Tube w/ Slip-Lok Fittings are the most cost effective and long term efficient method for “daisy chaining” Misting Fans together in large plant applications for high pressure humidification and evaporative cooling systems.

An entire system can be taken apart easily by removing the fittings and reinstalling with no loss to piping or fittings. This makes a very adaptable system for long-term changing plant conditions.

To remove tubing from slip-lok fittings, simply apply pressure with an open end wrench against the fitting and pull the tubing away from fitting.

3/8” FLEXIBLE TUBING: Virgin-Polyamide Piping – for water pressurized to 1000 psi in industrial applications for humidifying & cooling.

  • .375 OD/ .225” ID
  • 3550 PSI Burst Pressure
  • Good Chemical Resistance
  • UV Treated w/ a Semi-Rigid Density.

The ultimate for convenience and versatility, for ease of assembly, for quick and simple installation reducing labor time and cost.

The Only Tools Needed are a Cutting Tool Supplied w/ our “Spare Parts” in every System.

A Very “Installer Friendly” Piping System for High Pressure Misting Fan Systems!

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