Retrofit Air & Water Systems

Retrofit Air & Water Systems' Parts and Equipment Components

Add Enhanced Function to Existing Humidification & Cooling Systems

Retrofit ArcticBlast Fan Modules to Existing High Pressure Systems:

  • Add Summer Cooling for dual function to existing winter humidification system.
  • Upgrade existing winter humidification with added output of humidification and highly accelerated evaporation.
    Note: ArcticBlast Fans easily retrofit into your existing stainless steel tube with flexible nylon high-pressure tube and slip-lok fittings.

Retrofit Ceramic Insert Stainless Steel High Pressure Nozzles:

  • Nozzles easily interchange with most high-pressure nozzles (standard: 9.3 lbs/hr nozzles)

Retrofit ArcticMist Fans for Accelerated Evaporation to Existing High Pressure Systems.

Retrofit Stainless Steel Misting Rings to Existing Fans for Added Summer Cooling.

Retrofit Existing High Pressure Systems with CAT Pump Replacement Parts and Upgrade to 1 Million Life Cycle Danfoss Stainless Steel Solenoid Valves.

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